Thursday, February 19, 2009

Part 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Niko and this blog is to help people new to the custom auto world learn the basics about building a sport compact tuner car. I've been into sport compacts and tuner cars since I was old enough to drive 11 years ago. This was before the movie Fast and the Furious came out and America and the rest of the world saw an overwhelming increase of tuners and tricked out sport compact cars on it's streets. This is a hobby that I love and am passionate about. Its very gratifying to step back and see the progress I'm making on my new project car, whatever that car may be at the time. I want to share my knowledge of this hobby with anyone else with who has the same interest in this hobby or wants to learn about it.


LEO_the_don said...

Not sure if his blog is still active but contact me at
I would like to get into the nightlife scene and would like t know what would be a good way to start off with out breaking the bank . Thanks -Leo

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