Thursday, February 19, 2009

Part 2 - Selecting a Car

In this post I’ll help you select a car, that is unless of coarse you already have one. I was never one that spent a lot of money on a car. I would buy cars that needed a little work or TLC because I would be able to fix what was wrong and save myself some money. Like I said I’ve had a lot of different cars. 10 of them were Hondas an Hondas are what I know the most about, so thats the car we’re going to go with. But don’t let the fact that you have or want a different type of car make you stop reading this blog. Most car’s have all the same type of parts in them so if you don’t have a Honda take the info you learn here and apply it to your car. Ok, so lets make our car a 1995 Civic Ex. The Ex and Si model Civics came with more stock horsepower than other Civics. They had a 1.6 SOHC (single overhead cam) Vtec engine that put out around 130 horsepower. Doesn’t sound like a lot does it, well you’re right it’s not but the advantage of these types of cars is that they are pretty light and because of that, the car still will get up and go nicely. But we are going to get some more horses out of that little engine. Since Hondas are a popular car to “trick out” the detailed info on the subject is plentiful. Also there are many many more performance parts available for them than there was when I got my first Honda which was back in 1999. Also your car insurance isn’t going to be as much as it would be if you were driving a Mazda RX7 or a Toyota Supra. And your car insurance also won’t go up if you modify your car with bolt on performance parts at least my car insurance never did. Now despite what some people think, putting a loud muffler, aluminum spoiler and decals on your car doesn’t make it a tuner car. There is much more to it than that and I’m going to tell you all about different aspects of “tuning” your sport compact car throughout this blog so look forward to Part 3 where we will put together a plan of attack for our project.


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